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Identity Politics – Jamie Calder, SJ

Posted on May 5, 2010

We had Jamie Calder from the Jesuits come and speak at the last Seeds Seminar on “Identity Politics”, the ways in which our individual identities are shaped by the dominant stories of our culture. I interviewed him the next morning about himself and his thinking on this subject. I’ll use some of this on my upcoming radio show (30th May, 6-8pm, streaming at phoenixfm.org) You can also subscribe to my podcast on iTunes

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Memorial or Celebration?

Posted on April 23, 2010

From a Christian point of view, any war is a violation of God’s creation, and God weeps over all those who die, and over all those whose participation in war has damaged them. Therefore I would like to see a memorial that remembers, and recognises, the dead from all the wars that Australia has fought in: from the Boer War through to Afghanistan and Iraq. I would like to see a ritual in which the dead of our enemies are brought to our attention, as well as our own dead. That way, ANZAC Day would truly be a remembrance of the horror of war

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