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The Sacred Roots of Youth Work

Posted on September 15, 2015

Hi all – I am currently writing a chapter on spirituality and youth work for a book which is coming out next year sometime. I’ll put a few excerpts from my chapter up as I go. Some of relates to the work I do with the Praxis Network. There’s a bunch of academic references which don’t have hyperlinks…too much bother – sorry about that 🙂   There are plenty of good reasons to remain in conversation with youth work’s past, none so pressing as the need to avoid the mistreatment of children and young people, often in the pursuit of the young person’s ‘best interest’. For example, the child migration policies championed by Thomas Barnardo which dislocated so many young people from culture and family.   Closer…

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What makes us unclean?

Posted on September 3, 2015

Last Sunday, I preached. Those familiar with the service style at St Matthew’s will not be surprised to hear that though I love preaching, my opportunities are limited. So to preach at St Paul’s Bendigo was welcome. Thanks Dean John!   The occasion was Refugee Sunday, and the New Testament lectionary readings for the day were from Mark 7 and James 1. The day and the readings were particularly apt given Bendigo had just ‘hosted’ a meeting of the United Patriot Front, who were using Bendigo as a rallying point for their brand of anti-Islam fear-mongering. In addition, St Paul’s had been a target of their rage in the last week. I suspect that Dean John invited me to speak because I have been somewhat…

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Total Depravity, or Why I Need to Change My Blog Title

Posted on April 23, 2015

The title of my blog is “Thinking My Way Through”. When I started the blog in 2009, I thought this was noble enough. I would not be one of those pulled and shoved by emotion, or by peers, or by culture. I need to change the title. Why? For psychological and theological reasons that are hopefully, and ironically, thought-through.   One explanation is Personal. One of my favourite personality tools is the Enneagram: it points to key motivators in life that explain behaviour. On the Enneagram scheme, I am a ‘Five‘. Fives have a driving need to understand: they accumulate knowledge, mostly to protect themselves from painful emotions. Too much knowledge is never a bad thing; their cardinal sin is gluttony. However, I found…

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Radical discipleship in the suburbs.

Posted on March 27, 2015

In 1988, two couples. bought a house together. Kevin Avenue became the inspiration for several “community houses”, where we could reach out to those beyond the boundaries of eastern suburban church culture.

They enabled us to learn, in an embodied way, what a “discipleship community” could look like. These households also became a staging ground for a wider discipleship community.

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Life Without Facebook

Posted on October 11, 2011

Those on FB may know that I have left it. I’m having some withdrawal symptoms involving a twitch in the hand when holding my phone, an automatic mouse move to the place where the FB shortcut was, and a niggling feeling that I am missing out on a debate, event or work-related opportunity. And I definitely am missing out on something. In the same way that the telephone was once a luxury, but now is as necessary as a letter-box, Facebook has become almost essential if you work amongst anyone aged 10-30. Justin & Jenny Duckworth are to blame – they have written a book called “Against the Tide, Toward the Kingdom” and one of their helpful ideas is that we all have things…

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