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Coming soon…new youth work blog

Posted on May 20, 2013

I am a youth worker and youth work trainer, and I regularly write on youth work and youth ministry, so this announcement is probably no surprise. But, given I am a ‘5’ on the Enneagram personality scale, I have been doing a silly amount of research about this. But sooner or later it will happen – a blog about youth work current affairs, comment, events, jobs etc. In my voracious quest for more information, I am keen for you to provide grist for the mill, food for my brain etc. Please take 30 seconds to fill out this little poll: [polldaddy poll=”7114941″]

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Chaplaincy in a Secular Culture

Posted on May 25, 2010

Our culture’s whole approach to religion has changed: in our public spaces, in our individual beliefs, and in the soil in which faith takes root. Most of us are conscious of these changes, but our minds haven’t caught up with the reality. So, in some way, our minds still operate in the past, where God was central. But the rest of our culture is living in a different world.

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In the face of transience

Posted on March 3, 2010

Today I got a phone call from the police. A friend of mine had been listed as missing – did I know anything? Two weeks ago, I had sat in his loungeroom-come-bedroom listening to his news that he would be moving away. Moving to a place a couple of hours drive away. “How long til you move?” “Oh, could be any day.” It was: 2 days later I got a call from the nurse at the facility he’d gone to, a much better place for him to be than in a 1 bedroom flat in Long Gully. He’d moved so quickly he hadn’t time to let his family know, hence the missing report. Even though I know he is in improved circumstances, I feel…

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Missionary Virtue of Keeping Your Trap Shut

Posted on January 22, 2010

A while ago I wrote on the Missionary Virtue of Talking Over People. In that prior post, I argued that: Missionaries need to talk over people. Regularly. Frequently. With godly vigour and fervour. I’ve been through some soul-searching over this one, people, but the kingdom of God requires rudeness beyond measure, inconsideration like we have never dreamed of. Yes, we need to start interrupting monologues with witty comments and jokes. Brothers and sisters, divert the flow of verbal sewerage into the decontamination plant of conversational purity with well-placed questions. Ah yes, even questions that have nothing to do with the conversation whatsoever. Place a gag in those overworked gums of that child of God, fill that space where they drew breath with a barrage…

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