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The ISIS Adventure 1: Exclusion and Ennui

Posted on December 9, 2015

As a high school teacher, I accompanied a group of young men from my school to John Marsden’s writing camp in rural Victoria. Marsden is a famous Australian writer, best known for his Tomorrow… series in which young adults, with their high school certificates still hot off the press, wage guerrilla warfare against invaders of Australia. At first glance, John Marsden is avuncular and to the adolescent eye, decrepit. But he had these young guys, from a rough part of town, writing enthusiastically. I could only envy his ability to connect young people with their artful hearts, and I frantically recorded his methods so to copy in my own classroom. In short, I gained much respect for his understanding of young people’s motivations. In his book…

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Australia's Christian Heritage

Posted on April 24, 2009

Good Friday has come and gone, with a wake of slight disturbance around the question of gambling on that day. Should it happen? Why not? What Australian really knows why Good Friday is sacred? The Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne called it a ‘terrible desecration’. Is that an overreaction? To an audience who has mainly stopped listening, I think it is, but from this debate emerges another question – Does Australia have a public Christian story to tell anymore? A couple of weekends ago, I went to hear Paul Roe from Cornerstone speak at an event in Bendigo. He spoke on Jesus’ ‘unpublished life’; the life until Jesus turned 30, of which we know very little. But we also had a conversation about Australia’s Christian…

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