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Playing viola for the cause

Posted on September 30, 2015

My local public secondary school happened to be a specialist music school. New students could sign up to learn an instrument from one of the teachers; for no cost. Of course, every Year 7 wanted to learn the saxophone, of which the school had about five. About 50 of my peers signed up for saxophone. The saxophone teacher herded us into a room and told us the bad news; the good news being that our parents could buy a saxophone for a cool $800. My parents didn’t see the good news. Mum dragged her grant-aunt’s viola from the cupboard, and marched me to the office of Geoff Conrau, string teacher extraordinaire (Geoff is also an amazing magician, and a pyrotechnician). I was not happy about…

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Radical discipleship in the suburbs.

Posted on March 27, 2015

In 1988, two couples. bought a house together. Kevin Avenue became the inspiration for several “community houses”, where we could reach out to those beyond the boundaries of eastern suburban church culture.

They enabled us to learn, in an embodied way, what a “discipleship community” could look like. These households also became a staging ground for a wider discipleship community.

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Prayer for Cornerstone Community Bendigo

Posted on March 29, 2014

The Cornerstone Community guys in Bendigo just dedicated their Old Church on the Hill today, and as I write this are having a tasty celebration. I was asked to write this prayer for the followers of Jesus who live and work around that place. Privilege to be there. Cornerstone Community Prayer We pray now for the Cornerstone Community and all those who follow Christ in this Neighbourhood.  We ask that the presence of God be with them always. May God’s law of love permeate every part of your common life. May God’s deep everlasting acceptance carry you with confidence wherever you go.   We ask that they encounter Jesus Christ again and again. In the stories of the kingdom of God, and the households of…

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