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Youth Development & the Media

Posted on February 15, 2010

Last Friday, a Central Victorian teenager (19 y.o) was sentenced to 18 months in a youth justice centre for being involved in 3 high-speed pursuits in the past 18 months, a sensitive issue in Bendigo given our ‘hoon capital’ status. At this point, you are probably looking for a hyperlink to the news article in which I found this information, but I’m not going to give to it to you. I’m not going to give it to you because this post is not about the rightness of the sentence (the young man is obviously a danger to others) but about the media’s role. The newspaper is tabloid-sized, and this story completely covered the front page with a photo of the man, plus his name…

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The Missionary Virtue of Noticing People

Posted on November 13, 2009

I take some local young guys on outdoor trips as a way of opening up their lives to new experiences and opportunities. We sat down to ‘frame’ the experience of climbing a mountain, so that they could see the mountain in metaphorical terms. One boy was being really disruptive until I mentioned an observation of him I had made. He shut up immediately and listened intently. My observation was pretty mundane, but he didn’t care – he simply loved being noticed. After returning a young man to his residential unit (where he lives), his 2 housemates both started mooning our car, despite the best efforts of their workers to raise the level of the conversation and their shorts. What we give to get noticed!…

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