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Total Depravity, or Why I Need to Change My Blog Title

Posted on April 23, 2015

The title of my blog is “Thinking My Way Through”. When I started the blog in 2009, I thought this was noble enough. I would not be one of those pulled and shoved by emotion, or by peers, or by culture. I need to change the title. Why? For psychological and theological reasons that are hopefully, and ironically, thought-through.   One explanation is Personal. One of my favourite personality tools is the Enneagram: it points to key motivators in life that explain behaviour. On the Enneagram scheme, I am a ‘Five‘. Fives have a driving need to understand: they accumulate knowledge, mostly to protect themselves from painful emotions. Too much knowledge is never a bad thing; their cardinal sin is gluttony. However, I found…

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Prayer for Cornerstone Community Bendigo

Posted on March 29, 2014

The Cornerstone Community guys in Bendigo just dedicated their Old Church on the Hill today, and as I write this are having a tasty celebration. I was asked to write this prayer for the followers of Jesus who live and work around that place. Privilege to be there. Cornerstone Community Prayer We pray now for the Cornerstone Community and all those who follow Christ in this Neighbourhood.  We ask that the presence of God be with them always. May God’s law of love permeate every part of your common life. May God’s deep everlasting acceptance carry you with confidence wherever you go.   We ask that they encounter Jesus Christ again and again. In the stories of the kingdom of God, and the households of…

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