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Prayer and Youth Work

Posted on June 1, 2012

I’ve been in plenty of youth ministry prayer times, and have led them myself, where we have prayed passionately for this or that young person, for strength for ourselves, for God to intervene. This is a valid form of prayer. But all too easily it becomes a way of us trying to persuade God to do what we think should happen. It’s fakery – we are pretending that we know what is the Godly thing to do, and if we just pray hard enough, God will join up to our campaign.

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Is Nothing Sacred?!

Posted on May 1, 2009

Is everything sacred? Are all things God-breathed? One way understand life is to separate it into ‘sacred’ & ‘profane’. The sacred concerns itself with explicitly religious ritual & confession and the profane gets everything else. This separation Christianity has incorporated into itself and perpetuated, which tends to result in faith that emphasises a narrowly-defined religiousity but ignores the reality of faith in all aspects of life. That such a separation is unbiblical is to simply point out the obvious. Whereas the sacred/profane split denies religiosity/spirituality in all but the most obvious circumstances, the Bible insists that all life must be conformed to the mind of God. The levitical laws on everything from food to sex insist it, Jesus’ parables insist it and Paul’s practical…

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