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Gentrification and Justice

Posted on May 13, 2013

Last year, friends of ours missed out on a house at auction – it went for $10K more than they could afford. Snapped up by a motivated bidder, it could be bulldozed for units, rented out or made over and re-sold. This is happening more and more in Long Gully. With cute miners’ cottages and an ageing population headed for the grave or the nearest nursing home (currently expanding as we speak), young families, singles and investors will fight among themselves to grab the bargains. It’s even made the local news. This trend raises serious questions for me and the others here in our little Christian community, who bought houses to commit to Long Gully. Are we simply an enclave of the middle-class within a poor…

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Bashing the victim

Posted on May 25, 2009

Whenever journalists want to have a break from serious reporting, there’s always a convenient victim nearby to fill the void. Fiona Hudson’s article regarding public housing damage is a beautiful case study in bashing the victim with no thought to the causes. My ire was additionally raised by the fact that Long Gully is specifically mentioned. How will this thin attempt at journalism address the problems in my community? It won’t. Ms Hudson may think she is raising an important issue, and by doing so, help to solve the problem. However, many Long Gully residents have internalised the negative media messages about their locality, and Ms Hudson’s will just compound that perception. From a journalist who won an award for her craft last year…

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