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Religion, Spirituality and the Sacred

Posted on November 5, 2015

Hi all, I am currently writing a chapter for a book on spirituality and youth work. Here is a section of my chapter on how to understand religion, spirituality and the sacred, and what a definition of these realities might be when discussing them in relation to youth work. The academically minded may be frustrated that I haven’t provided full references – there are some suggestions for further reading at the end.   Secularism constructs ‘religion’ as a private endeavour: In the West ‘we see “religion” as a coherent system of obligatory beliefs, institutions and rituals, centring on a supernatural God, whose practice is essentially private and hermetically sealed off from all “secular” activities’. In other cultures and through the ages the idea of…

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The Sacred Roots of Youth Work

Posted on September 15, 2015

Hi all – I am currently writing a chapter on spirituality and youth work for a book which is coming out next year sometime. I’ll put a few excerpts from my chapter up as I go. Some of relates to the work I do with the Praxis Network. There’s a bunch of academic references which don’t have hyperlinks…too much bother – sorry about that 🙂   There are plenty of good reasons to remain in conversation with youth work’s past, none so pressing as the need to avoid the mistreatment of children and young people, often in the pursuit of the young person’s ‘best interest’. For example, the child migration policies championed by Thomas Barnardo which dislocated so many young people from culture and family.   Closer…

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Dancing with the Devil

Posted on May 27, 2013

I run a youth development program with Urban Seed, a Christian organisation. A secular hiphop youth program wanted to use our church hall for weekly dance sessions. I let them. I then built a relationship with the main youth worker by coming along to his . I listened to his story, to his values, and decided there was much overlap with my values.

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Is Nothing Sacred?!

Posted on May 1, 2009

Is everything sacred? Are all things God-breathed? One way understand life is to separate it into ‘sacred’ & ‘profane’. The sacred concerns itself with explicitly religious ritual & confession and the profane gets everything else. This separation Christianity has incorporated into itself and perpetuated, which tends to result in faith that emphasises a narrowly-defined religiousity but ignores the reality of faith in all aspects of life. That such a separation is unbiblical is to simply point out the obvious. Whereas the sacred/profane split denies religiosity/spirituality in all but the most obvious circumstances, the Bible insists that all life must be conformed to the mind of God. The levitical laws on everything from food to sex insist it, Jesus’ parables insist it and Paul’s practical…

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