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Shitting in your own nest

Posted on May 13, 2009

Just saw a very simple article on moving into the neighbourhood as an essential step in ‘exegeting’ our neighbourhood as well as the Bible. As a lover of words, this image of reading our neighbourhoods attracts me.  You can find it here. When we first moved to Bendigo, another church plant also had moved from Melbourne not long before. They wanted to plant a church in the community where we live, and did a fantastic family fun day at a local primary school to let people know who they were. Though they believed in the theory of incarnational mission, none of them lived in the local area. In fact, the nearest home was 5km away! Needless to say, their efforts broke down quickly. One of the ‘marks’…

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Prophetic Action & Urban Anonymity

Posted on April 13, 2009

My dear boy, you can’t imagine what anonymity is like in a profession like mine – it’s like a warm cloak (Max, arms dealer, Mission Impossible) Last year, I wrote an opinion piece for a local newspaper, decrying the demonization of the ‘mall rats’ – people who spend time in the mall and behave in (sometimes) offensive ways. This provoked a few fiery letters in reply, some rather personal. It got me thinking about the extent to which public, prophetic & protest action can be sustained in rural and regional areas. In urban areas, protest is generally anonymous. Unless the protestor is arrested, or appears in the media, her actions are hidden from her neighbours, and others on whom he relies for other endeavours,…

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Easter & the Military

Posted on April 6, 2009

In my town of Bendigo, the Easter Monday parade is rapidly approaching. For those unfamiliar with this event, a Chinese dragon wends its noisy & colourful way through the streets of Bendigo. Last year, I went along with friends to see the parade for the first time. It’s a great event, with lots of community groups, companies and schools providing floats for the parade. We’d also been involved in manning a prayer labyrinth in the centre of town, so although the festival doesn’t recognise Easter much, I felt we had tried to inject some reality. The dragon was a huge hit, supplying colour and vibrancy as a rousing finale to the weekend-long festival. Or so I thought. In a bizarre rearguard action, Bushmaster armoured…

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