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Shitting in your own nest

Posted on May 13, 2009

Just saw a very simple article on moving into the neighbourhood as an essential step in ‘exegeting’ our neighbourhood as well as the Bible. As a lover of words, this image of reading our neighbourhoods attracts me.  You can find it here. When we first moved to Bendigo, another church plant also had moved from Melbourne not long before. They wanted to plant a church in the community where we live, and did a fantastic family fun day at a local primary school to let people know who they were. Though they believed in the theory of incarnational mission, none of them lived in the local area. In fact, the nearest home was 5km away! Needless to say, their efforts broke down quickly. One of the ‘marks’…

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Is Nothing Sacred?!

Posted on May 1, 2009

Is everything sacred? Are all things God-breathed? One way understand life is to separate it into ‘sacred’ & ‘profane’. The sacred concerns itself with explicitly religious ritual & confession and the profane gets everything else. This separation Christianity has incorporated into itself and perpetuated, which tends to result in faith that emphasises a narrowly-defined religiousity but ignores the reality of faith in all aspects of life. That such a separation is unbiblical is to simply point out the obvious. Whereas the sacred/profane split denies religiosity/spirituality in all but the most obvious circumstances, the Bible insists that all life must be conformed to the mind of God. The levitical laws on everything from food to sex insist it, Jesus’ parables insist it and Paul’s practical…

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