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Working with the dead

Posted on April 14, 2015

…The mind is broken by the thousand calling voices it is always too late to answer, and that is why it yearns for some hard task, lifelong, longer than life, to concentrate it and to make it whole. (Wendell Berry, “This Day”, 1987: I)   In ‘Without weapon or tool‘, I wrote about ‘calling’ and ‘purpose’ as the two factors that define our distinctive ‘work’. Instead of being consumed with our role and the activities that describe it (the ‘thousand calling voices’), we can connect deeply with our work as something distinctively personal and purposeful.   There is a downside to this: our culture constantly pushes any personal thing to an individualist expression. This becomes all about MY calling, MY work, MY purpose in…

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Without weapon or tool

Posted on April 12, 2015

You must come in without weapon or tool, alone, expecting nothing, remembering nothing, into the eyes of sight, the brotherhood of eye and leaf. (Wendell Berry, “This Day”, 1985: V)   Kylie and I are currently on sabbatical. When I tell people this, I receive replies ranging from outright ignorance of sabbatical all the way to complete understanding. The main response, though, is one of “Oh, so, is that like a break from something?”   What am I taking a sabbatical from? It’s an important question. The easy answer is “I am taking a sabbatical from work/mission/stuff in Long Gully”. But that response doesn’t get to the heart of the ‘work’ from which I am resting. What is that work? I suspect that many…

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Work, trust and Jesus

Posted on April 11, 2015

We arrived at Ngatiawa in the middle of a minor deluge. Ngatiawa is a “River Monastery“, and river it was. A culvert was blocked, and the tributary creek that runs down to the Ngatiawa River overran the road and was making a mess of it. We worked to sandbag the road and cut a diversion back to the flowing side of the culvert. I had not met the bulk of the people, yet we worked as if we knew each other well. Shoulders touching, directions given directly and taken gracefully. All this reminded me of Jesus and the community that gathers and trusts around Christ. Although we do not know each other truly, we trust that we are all known by Christ and, in…

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