Just been listening to Rowan Williams on Fresh Expressions, which is the UK Anglican’s effort at supporting new ways of doing missional church.

Here are some of the “enemies of renewal” that he identified:

1. Entertainment: “give them (young people) a god who can be the object of their unreconstructed emotions, and distract them endlessly from being left naked before God”. Ouch

2. Problem solving: beware problem solving as ‘plugging gaps’. “We are in a danger of putting an end to that lifelong task of listening and absorbing that is involved in growing into the space Christ has opened for us”

3. “Trying to fit God around the edges of your identity, rather than allowing God to shape us from within”

Great stuff. He is one of the pioneers in attempting to integrate inherited church with emerging/missional church. Luckily, the Bishop in my diocese has a similar mindset (Andrew Curnow).