And we are off!

Finally, my campaign has launched! There has been a stack of planning, research, conversations and thinking that has gone on behind the scenes, and it’s exciting to see it come to the surface. Here’s a little summary of the day.

Before I tell you about the launch date, let me thank all those who have signed up to volunteer, helped me think about my priorities, liked my Facebook page, connected me with people to talk to, and donated some funds. All these things are practically necessary for me to have a shot at winning, but they also are very encouraging to me personally. Thankyou.

Tuesday 30th June was the planned launch date for my campaign, and so late on Monday night, I sent a media release out in to the ether, and let the Facebook page and website loose. In the morning I put on a nicer shirt – who knows, maybe a media outlet will call for an interview? I wasn’t too confident, but pretty early on, Sarah Lawrence from 9 News Central Victoria sent me a text for a quick profile. Thanks Sarah!

I rushed to the rotunda at Rosalind Park and shivered in the cold as I waited. I bumbled through that interview: I felt like I strayed off topic constantly, stumbled over my words, and forgot to smile. Ah well. Thankfully, the resulting clip didn’t look too bad. It’s a pretty short headline summary, which you can see below. You’ll also notice that Matthew Evans has launched his campaign for Eppalock Ward. We snatched a coffee afterwards and chatted about our priorities and our motivations for running. (Keep reading below the video.)

I did some work on my day job, and then had a quick chat with Chris Pedler from the Bendigo Advertiser. He took my media release plus my comments, and on Wednesday, Addy readers could meet me. Thanks Chris!

If you’d like to find out more about why I am running, head here. Once you’ve read it, I hope you might volunteer to help me get elected. I need people to letterbox drop, put signs in their yard, and say nice things about me to their friends, family, and colleagues. Sign up here if you’d like to help.