Council Report – May 2021

Hello all! I hate to say it, but “Where did the time go?!” Since my swearing-in on November 10 2020 as a fresh-faced new representative, the last 6 months have passed in a flash, especially with the task of producing a budget in a short space of time. So maybe it’s time to take stock, and reflect on my task as a councillor. What have I learnt so far? What are the key challenges?

Firstly, it’s challenging to make time to take a wider view of the issues that face our community, but absolutely necessary. The level of detail that we need to take on at any one time can be overwhelming, and it’s important, but these details can drown out the bigger picture: What kind of community do we want? How to plan for industry, affordable housing, recreation and public space with a 50 year view? I have found it important to block out time in the diary to get a broader vision.

Secondly, there needs to be a balance between pursuing the agendas I took to the election in 2020, and ensuring those agendas are shaped by the views of residents. Sure, people elected me in part because of what my priorities ( are, but I also need to listen carefully to what different parts of our community want and need.

Thirdly, the role of a local councillor is changing, but the bread and butter of engaging with residents around everyday issues has not changed. I have really enjoyed the variety of community interaction, whether at events, or providing responses to queries or advocating for a resident when they have a concern. I’d appreciate your thoughts on these and other matters, so please get in touch if you would like to have a chat. Yours Cr Dave Fagg

What have I been up to recently? (See a bit more detail here)

  • Listening post at Epsom shopping centre
  • Opening of the Shine Bright early years centre at Maiden Gully.
  • Book launch at Dudley House of CoGB Covid 19 art project
  • Onsite meeting at Victoria Hill historical site to progress conservation plan
  • Season launch of Eaglehawk Football Netball Club
  • Long Gully community plan working group
  • Ironbark Gully Trail Friends working bee
  • Play in the Garden, to celebrate National Playgroup Week

What’s on the agenda in the next few weeks?

  • Youth work sector conference
  • School-Industry Roundtable at La Trobe University
  • Connecting young people and industry committee
  • Budget submission hearings
  • Public Space committee
  • Affordable Housing Action Group
  • Bendigo Women’s MTB event

Get involved in the community

1. Long Gully community meeting: on Monday May 24, a Long Gully community meeting will be happening. Part of this meeting will be devoted to group discussion of local issues – let me know if you have an idea for this. Details coming soon on my Facebook page, and through council advertising.

2. The draft Budget is out, and budget submissions are due Tuesday 18th May. If you have an idea for a submission, and need some help, please let me know.

3. If your community group would like the opportunity to present to council about your activities and priorities, please get in touch with me.

(NB – featured image is from the Long Gully community meeting in late May, 2021)