I am a youth worker, educator, and perpetual student. I currently co-ordinate St Matthew’s, do some freelance writing, and am doing my PhD in the sociology of religion and youth work.

For the last 14 years, I’ve called the neighbourhood of Long Gully home, in the regional city of Bendigo. I’m a co-founder of  Seeds Bendigo, a small Christian community that serves our neighbourhood, with St Matthew’s Church. For the last decade, I taught youth work and mission with the beautiful people of the Praxis Network, and I still miss them.

I love reading, especially authors like Tim Winton, Niall Brennan, Marilynne Robinson, Barbara Kingsolver, and a little bit of Carey and Rushdie. I play the viola, run trails, and when I can, hike the beautiful hills of Victoria.

Most importantly, I’ve shared all of this for two decades with Kylie, whose intelligence, strength and patience never stops pulling me up short. She is a my true partner in life, family, faith and parenthood.



The small readership of this website will have noticed that you can leave a comment, but only for a couple of months, then the post shuts up shop. This is because I don’t have the time to moderate them and really, this website is for me, not you!

Seriously, the internet is full of blogs on which discussions take on a life of their own, a discussion which would be much better served face-to-face. So don’t be offended if I don’t respond. However, if you come across a post that would like to discuss with me, feel free to flick me an email.

There isn’t really a comment policy – I’ve never had enough to bother, which suits me. However, I’ll delete comments that are personally abusive or libellous.