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Council Report – March 2022

Hello all! It is time for a meeting update, and we just had a Council meeting on Monday 28th March. You can also read my latest supporters email, and sign up for these here. There were a number of items on the agenda for March, which you can read here. Those on which I had something to say were: The Graffiti Policy Petitions on Housing Affordability and the new “demolition by neglect” legislation Draft Cultural […]

Council Report – August 2021

Wrap up of the August 2021 Council Meeting Last week’s council was relatively packed: we had several polices and plans that we put out for comment, including the Council Plan and the Climate Action and Environment Strategy. You can read all these and put in your comments here. Apart from these policy items, we had six planning items. I like it when we have at least 5 planning items – our main task as councillors […]

Council Report – July 2021

Wrap up of last night’s council meeting Last night’s council meeting was light on in terms of decisions to be made. We had a recognition of the 150th anniversary of the City of Sandhurst, and then got into the substance of the meeting. We debated one planning item, an allied health centre in Lily St, for which I voted to approve. You read that right – one planning item. In my view, we should be […]

Council Report – June 2021

Hello all! Thanks for all your comments back to me after sending my last report, both my email and on social media. I always appreciate feedback, whether positive or critical. This last month has been light on when it comes to planning decisions, however that has not meant that council has not been working hard. We have released our draft policy on reducing harm from gambling, and finalised the 2021-2022 budget. A few highlights from […]


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