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August Council Meeting and Report

Wrap up of the August 2021 Council Meeting Last week’s council was relatively packed: we had several polices and plans that we put out for comment, including the Council Plan and the Climate Action and Environment Strategy. You can read all these and put in your comments here. Apart from these policy items, we had six planning items. I like it when we have at least 5 planning items – our main task as councillors […]

July Council meeting and report

Wrap up of last night’s council meeting Last night’s council meeting was light on in terms of decisions to be made. We had a recognition of the 150th anniversary of the City of Sandhurst, and then got into the substance of the meeting. We debated one planning item, an allied health centre in Lily St, for which I voted to approve. You read that right – one planning item. In my view, we should be […]

Council Report – June 2021

Hello all! Thanks for all your comments back to me after sending my last report, both my email and on social media. I always appreciate feedback, whether positive or critical. This last month has been light on when it comes to planning decisions, however that has not meant that council has not been working hard. We have released our draft policy on reducing harm from gambling, and finalised the 2021-2022 budget. A few highlights from […]

Council Report – May 2021

Hello all! I hate to say it, but “Where did the time go?!” Since my swearing-in on November 10 2020 as a fresh-faced new representative, the last 6 months have passed in a flash, especially with the task of producing a budget in a short space of time. So maybe it’s time to take stock, and reflect on my task as a councillor. What have I learnt so far? What are the key challenges? Firstly, […]

Long Gully community meeting – May 2021

Hi all – we have an upcoming community engagement opportunity. There will be a Long Gully community meeting soon. There will be feedback from councillors about what is going on in “council land”, as well as an opportunity for a few local issues to be discussed. If you have an idea for one of these discussion spots, then please get back to me ASAP. You can email on or phone on 0437 892 918. […]

Council Report – April 2021

I hope you are all doing well, and had a lovely Easter and/or school holidays. This is my brief report for the April 2021 council meeting. This is a very short summary of the work that a councillor does, but I hope it give you a picture of what I’ve been up to. [IMAGE: Artists Bree Galvin and Barb Fordham had their works feature on the front covers of two of the What I Did […]


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