Tim Costello

Tim Costello is a former Mayor of St Kilda, and the former CEO of World Vision Australia.

Tim Costello, AO

“Dave is a man of conviction, vision, and action. He has the skills, patience and insight needed to create stronger, healthier, and more respectful communities.”

Clare Fountain

Clare Fountain runs Sorted, a successful small business in Bendigo, and in 2016 won the Bendigo Business Excellence Award for Professional Services.

Clare Fountain

“Dave Fagg will provide a strong independent voice, understanding and representing the needs and ambitions of my local community.  Over the years I have seen him to be compassionate and understanding and someone that puts the needs of others front and centre. 

He listens and engages then works in partnership to provide solutions – in my view the perfect combination to be a councillor.  He has my vote.

Long Gully Neighbourhood Centre

Long Gully Neighbourhood Centre has been supporting and empowering the Long Gully Neighbourhood Centre since 1984. It is led by co-ordinator Helen Douglas and a committee of governance

“Dave has been a supporter of the Long Gully Neighbourhood Centre (LGNC) for the past 15 years and over this time has been involved with the LGNC in a variety of ways.

The LGNC is pleased to support Dave in his campaign to become a Councillor for the Whipstick Ward.

The LGNC believes that Dave would be a good Councillor as he is very much a person who has the best interests of the community first and foremost and one of his strengths is his communication skills, in particular, the way in which he listens and responds in a timely and appropriate way.”

Rosita Vincent

Rosita Vincent is the founder of The Old Church on the Hill, an old church building that has been revitalised as a place of community.

Rosita Vincent

“Dave is a progressive, thoughtful, informed and connected person that I am glad to call friend. He will be excellent on our Council.”

Brock Gravener

Brock is a community representative on the committee of Empowering Eaglehawk, and the pastor of the Eaglehawk branch of Bendigo Baptist Church. He is an experienced youth worker, having worked with many young people in Bendigo through SOAR Adventures.

Brock Gravener

“I have known Dave Fagg for a period of 14 years.  I have had the privilege of working under Dave’s leadership and learning from him as part of our community development work with vulnerable young people.

I have to say, Dave is the real deal.  He is a man of integrity.  This can be seen as he walks the talk in the way he genuinely cares for and supports individuals, neighbourhoods and communities.  As community leader in Eaglehawk, I fully endorse his campaign to be a local councillor and look forward to his significant contribution and leadership for the betterment of our Bendigo Community.”

Dr Bernadette Ward

Bernadette Ward is a Senior Research Fellow with the School of Rural Health in Bendigo (Monash University). She is an experienced researcher in alcohol and other drugs.

Dave Fagg is passionate about building community and enabling people to be their best. He understands the challenges faced by rural communities. In these difficult times, Dave has what it takes to be an excellent Councillor and representative for the Whipstick Ward.

Matthew Parkinson

Matt is the Director of Community Care for Bendigo Baptist Church. He has started many excellent community initiatives, including the Life Essentials Hub and the MADCOW Cafe.

Matthew Parkinson

“Dave Fagg has been a grassroots leader in our community for the past 15 years. He has a strong connection to Bendigo and understands the people he serves and the issues they face. He is articulate in his approach and would bring stability and fairness to our local council.

Dave is a great advocate for the people and would provide strong representation to the Whipstick Ward.”

Nicole Ellerton and John Pearce

Nicole Ellerton and John Pearce are long-term members of the wellbeing team at Eaglehawk Secondary College.

“We have known Dave for the best part of the last 15 years through his work as a secondary school teacher and his various community-based projects in the Long Gully and Eaglehawk communities.

Dave is an innovative, proactive and passionate community leader who works tirelessly to create positive change in his community. We are very proud to know him and his beautiful young family.”

Carl Rusbridge

Carl is school chaplain at Weeroona College and moved into school chaplaincy after completing studies in psychology and youth work. Carl is inspired by people who have struggled through much adversity and still found a way to be generous and kind to those around them.

“Dave was my teacher during my youth work studies.  The most important lesson he taught me was to truly listen to a young person.  Dave is somebody who embodies this – he listens well and then takes an informed and intelligent response.  I’m excited that Dave is running for council as he will be a genuine servant for positive change for people and families living in the Whipstick Ward.”