Get Involved

Without ordinary people helping me in this campaign, I have very little chance of being elected. If you like what I stand for, and would like to support my campaign, there are 3 ways to do so. Thank you!


Without people I need volunteers to do things such as:

  • Letterbox dropping
  • Putting a sign in your yard
  • Talking to friends about me
  • Sharing social media posts from my Facebook page

If you would like to sign to be a volunteer, please fill out this form.


No campaign can happen without some money. I need to buy things like:

  • Fliers for letterbox dropping
  • Online advertising to increase the number of people who are aware of my campaign
  • Signs to put up in people’s yards
  • A-frame for my street stalls

If you feel you can donate a small amount of money, you can do so here.

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