Bring Back Whipstick Ward Meetings

Bureaucracies get pre-occupied with internal aims, and this distracts from listening to those outside the bureaucracy.

Local councillors play an essential part in getting residents’ voices heard in local government. They should be continually providing ways for residents to give their views on what council could be doing, or what it could be doing differently.

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Expand youth services at the City of Greater Bendigo

Currently the City of Greater Bendigo allocates just $165,000 for wages to the youth team. That equates to about 3 full-time staff. That is not nearly enough to meet the needs of our young people, who make up about 17% of our population. It’s a pittance. It’s small change. It’s insulting.

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Youth Unemployment in Bendigo

Bendigo’s rate of youth unemployment is likely to rise as a result of the pandemic. But council can help.

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Community Plans For All Neighbourhoods

Community plans give residents power over what happens in their neighbourhood.

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