My Priorities

Here are my priorities, should I be elected to the Greater Bendigo Council in the Whipstick Ward. I think it’s important for council candidates to be clear about what they will do, so that you can make an informed vote. If other candidates have not done so, demand that they do.

As we near the council election date, I’ve been finalising my priorities. These are the areas I want to focus on, should I be elected to council. They are informed by my values, as well as close to 100 surveys, countless social media interactions, 1:1 conversations with community leaders and residents, and numerous listening posts (before Covid-19 restrictions). They are aimed at creating safe and vibrant neighbourhoods for us to live and work in, and raise our families in.

Of course, listing these priorities does not mean I do not think other items are unimportant. But so that you are able to vote in an informed way, it’s helpful for me to identify what my focus will be. You can find more details about these in the linked blog posts.

Listen to you and your concerns by bringing back regular ward meetings

Expand services for young people and families

Scrutinise council spending for fairness

Revitalise open spaces & recreation facilities

Support community plans for small towns

Conserve our natural heritage (blog post coming soon).

Advocate for better cycling & walking paths

Support job creation measures and support small business

Ensure that council does not forget those doing it tough (blog post coming soon).

(Photo Credit: Noni Hyett, Bendigo Advertiser)